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Concierge Services

$560.00 Weekly

Take your New Heights vacation getaway to the next level with our New Heights concierge package. No request is mundane or extravagant for our seasoned concierge team.

Great Guana Cay is a remote island full of wild, untouched beauty. As a result, it’s rather hard to learn everything about the island before your stay. That’s why our concierge services are important. Our team can put you in touch with the right people who know how to make your stay incredible. Adventures are just minutes away; however, the question is, can you do all of this on your own? Doug, our property manager and concierge, is an avid spear fisherman, free diver, snorkeler, and a local on the island. His expertise and his team will be invaluable and truly take your vacation to the next level.

  • Transportation

    New Heights concierge services provides transportation assistance all throughout your island getaway. Don’t stress about the little things – our team will have a taxi waiting for you at the Marsh Harbor airport, the ferry, and or boat rental. Rinssor Taxi 77 will be glad to take you for lunch, Maxwell’s grocery or any place you need to do an errand before catching the ferry. Additionally, our team will assist in all transportation throughout your stay, guaranteeing a stress free, fabulous vacation getaway. Please fill out the travel flight times form on the New Heights website or send your flight times to [email protected] to make sure your travel once in the Abacos is seamless. No matter if you select concierge services or not we will always be at the ferry Dock in the Settlement to greet you and take you to New Heights to check you in.

  • Provisions

    Who wants to run errands on vacation? Our team will help you make the most of your stay by providing groceries and provisions before and during your stay. Please provide your provision list 3-4 days before you arrive at Guana Cay. If you need provisioning only while you are at New Heights and not the Weekly Concierge services, the rates are $20.00 an hour + 20% of items purchased.

    In the mood for some fresh fish caught by local fishermen that very day? We can connect you with local fishermen and deliver fresh fish to the residence.

    There’s nothing better than having fresh coconuts ready for sipping when you arrive. We will deliver and prepare a basket of fresh coconuts upon your arrival. Additionally, we will deliver fresh ice if needed for larger gatherings or for your boat or cooler when needed.

  • Adventure

    Do you have an inkling to explore the Sea of Abaco or the Atlantic Ocean by boat? Our team will assist you with any of your boating needs including boat dockage on our semi-private dock, packed lunches through our chef services. Additionally, our property manager will gladly provide boat captain services or reserve other boat captains in the area for your specified outings. Along with a snorkeling excursion trip, The property manager can also provide free-dive instruction and spearfishing services.

    The property manager will be glad to point out wonderful areas along the beach to snorkel or dive or areas to go on the island to snorkel without the use of a boat.

    Are you an avid freshman looking to for a deep sea charter or dive for conch and lobster? We will gladly connect you with private charters that have top-notch gear and services. Additionally, we will clean any fish caught that day.

    Restaurants are hard to find when you are out boating, our chef services will be glad to prepare a picnic for you. You can customize what you would like and it will be ready the morning of your adventure. 48-hour prior notice is needed.

  • Dream Tree Buoy

    Embellish a found buoy on the beach and hang it on Guana’s renowned Dream Tree. Concierge services will provide markers, pins, and other embellishments to personalize the buoy and help you leave your mark on the island.

  • Beach Toys for the Young and Old

    New Heights has several beach toys and boogie boards for the beach. Let the concierge team know what you are are looking for. They will assist you with what New Heights has or find a rental.

  • Bonfire

    New Heights takes bonfires to the next level. Forgo the traditional bonfire pit and let us light a bonfire on the beach. New Heights beach bonfires are often the highlight of our guests visit and are a perfect place to stargaze and experience the beach and Ocean at night. Chef services can arrange food and beverages upon request. 48-hour advance notice is needed. If you are looking just for a bonfire to roast marshmallows we can prepare a fire only with hardwood to cook over.

  • Beach and Poolside Luxury

    We’ll provide chairs, chaises, cushions, pillows, to the beach daily, maximizing your comfort and your tan. Also, concierge services will gladly bring a cooler of your drinks iced, to the beach or the pool as requested.

    Sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest. From 4pm to 8pm a private butler can tend to your every need. From delivering towels to delivering beach/ poolside drinks, we’ve got it covered so you can put your toes in the sand with a drink in your hand.

  • Entertain

    New Heights has countless outdoor entertaining and seating areas. Our concierge and housekeeping team will always check to make sure the areas are ready to go for you. If you are wanting to entertain, have a wedding, or have a special family dinner contact us with your request and we can work out all the details for you.

  • Photo Op

    New Heights has countless outdoor entertaining and seating areas. Our concierge and housekeeping team will always check to make sure the areas are ready to go for you. If you are wanting to entertain, have a wedding, or have a special family dinner contact us with your request and we can work out all the details for you. Concierge services will be glad to recommend a professional photographer if you need.

  • Relax and Rejuvenate

    Dream of having a relaxing massage on the beach or Loggia. Take a private yoga class on the beach or dock. Our team can reserve a massage or yoga instructor to visit the residence. 48-hour advanced notice is needed.

  • Relax and Rejuvenate

    Dream of having a relaxing massage on the beach or Loggia. Take a private yoga class on the beach or dock. Our team can reserve a massage or yoga instructor to visit the residence. 48-hour advanced notice is needed.

Additional Services

  • Picnic and Dive

    $110.00 + food and/or drinks

    Enjoy a fresh picnic lunch while boating. Our chef services can prepare the perfect meal for an afternoon on the sea complete with snacks, ice and drinks. 48-hour advance notice needed.

    Additionally, Concierge services will schedule a captain to show you where to catch fresh conch, lobster, and fish. Our team will also clean and prepare your catch. Afterwards, the captain will show you some of Guana’s hidden gems including the best beaches to find sea shells and some of the most pristine diving spots.

  • Date Night

    $25.00 an hour

    Want a night in with dinner and a movie? We’ll deliver any take out for Marsh Harbour or Guana. Additionally, the New Heights concierge service will help with any prep or cleanup before or after a meal.

  • Celestial Picnic

    $110.00 + food and/or drinks

    For the ultimate romantic experience reserve a ‘celestial picnic’ under the stars. Complete with romantic picnic provided by Chef services and your choice of champagne or wine (additional charge) relax and stargaze the night away. Picnic dinner, candles, blankets, and pillows are provided. 48-hour advance notice.

  • Chef Services

    Meal price varies in cost due to size of party and choice of menu.

    Under the direction of Candis and her staff you can experience the most wonderful gastronomic fare found outside of Bakers Bay on Guana Cay. Candis and staff can meet your dinner, lunch or breakfast needs whether it is on the dining deck overlooking the sunset, beach or your boat your expectations will be met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click any of the questions below to view their answers

How do I get to New Heights on the island Guana Cay, Abacos, Bahamas? »

Private Boat

  • Marina at the settlement contact Darvin Curry at (242) 365-5070 or by email at [email protected]
  • Dock at one of the two slips in the Lime Tree Cottage Dock. Docking is mainly used during the day, but can be used at overnight.
  • Anchor: should you choose to anchor, you will be able to see your boat from the New Heights loggia.


Public Airlines into Marsh Harbour (MHH)

  • Silver
  • American
  • BahamasAir
  • Sky Bahamas
Private / Charter Airlines
  • Cherokee Aviation *our favorite


See Albury's Ferry Service for schedules

How do I get around on the island? »

You can reserve a golf cart from Donna's cart rentals or Dive Guana.

I want fresh fish during my stay but don't want to go fishing. How do I get some? »

Contact Earl Roberts (242) 475-5881

Who will we meet when arriving? »

The property manager will meet you at the settlement dock or Bakers Bay Golf and Resort if arranged.
Let us know when your flight arrives an he will meet you. If you miss your ferry, don't worry. The property manager will be waiting for you at the next ferry even if you hav not made contact.

Who checks us in and gives us a key? »

The property manager and housekeepers / concierge. After you check in and they show you how the house works, you can contact them for any question.

  • Duc: (242) 551-5272

The property manager will also be able to be contacted via a us landline at (555) 555-5555.
You can also contact
  • Mary: (216) 272-0765
  • or
  • Tim: (216) 272-5463
with any questions or concerns.

What if I want additional housekeeping service? »

Housekeeping charges $75.00 for basic 2-3 hours of housekeeping (bedding, kitchen, bath, and household linen & towel laundry.

You left wonderful coconuts for us on our arrival, how do I get more? »

The grocery store for some reason does not carry coconut. The property manager would love to get more for you and open them. Nothing hydrates you as well as coconut water. If you put it in ice or keep it cold it seems to get sweeter. Use the coconut for smoothies, breading on fish, add it to your granola, etc. You can tip The property manager as you wish.

I want to have a party. How do I arrange it? »

Special events and milesones are common when guests are using New Heights. Let Mary know in advance and she will arrange a list of current caterers. The can service 25 using the upper and lower house cutlary and plates without using plastic plates or dishes.

My special party or dinner is spontaneous, what do I do? »

Contact the property manager and he will arrange it for you. The property manager charge $20.00 an hour for additional services. Tips are welcome.

I want a bonfire on the beach. »

Bonfires are allowed on the beach. The property manager will prepare them for you with advance notice. You will have to ensure that the embers are out at the end of your bonfire. There is only a limited volunteer fire department on Guana. No fires or fire pits are allowed on the New Heights property. The property manager can arrange a cooler of drinks, food, or smores for you if you wish. Please do not take any chairs or chaises with you to the beach. The only chairs that can go to the beach are the two wooden adirondack chairs during the daytime only and must be returned to the house on a daily basis. Only The property manager can bring them back and forth as they are quite heavy. Your security deposit is jeopradized if this rule is not observed. If you wish to have the beach raked of seaweed and debris, please contact Duc. Remember no indoor furnature can be brought outside under any circumstance.

I want to go fishing. »

If you want to go fishing on your own, you can rent a boat through Dive Guana. Otherwise there are several charter vessels available including Back Breaker Charters and Ricky Sands Charters.

I need something to sit on during the bonfire. »

The property manager will provide you with beach towels, sleeping bags, or beach blankets. Do not remove cushions from New Heights under any circumstances.

I need catering. »

Shannon the chief chef of Grabbers and Forrest the chef and owner of Kids Cove will be glad to work with you.

I am going fishing without a guide. How and where do I clean my fish? »

Please use The property manager for this service. He is quick and does an amazing job. Only clean fish at the dock. The dock is next to lime tree cottage. Only use a fillet knife and plastic cutting boards.

I got injured, what do I do? »

For small cuts, etc. There is a small red first aid kit on the open shelves on the back side of the cooking island. For minor or major emergency issues contact Troy at Dive Guana or go to the gates at Bakers Bay, as they have a nurse and EMT available to help you. If the patient cannot go to either location, call troy or go to the Bakers Bay gates, and they will assist you at New Heights. The property manager and Irina will also be able to assist you upon request. If there is a fire, contact Troy at Dive Guana and The property manager as soon as possible.

I think I ran out of water. »

Please email the property manager or call Mary at (216) 272-0765 as soon as possible. We have made sure that all guests have 2,000 gallons or more of water prior to their arrival. The property manager has checked this, and will have ordered the water if it was low. If you run out of water due to excess use, you can call Charles Sands of Sands Construction ((242) 365-5195) to order water at 20 cents per gallon (prices subject to change). Charles Sands construction accepsts all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Water arrives the same day. If the water sputters at the sink, and toilets have noisy flushes, you are close to running out of water.

The reason the Guana Cay is a Cay is due to the definition of Cay which means without fresh water. We collect all rainwater from the fiberglass gel-coated roof and filter it at the cisterns. If you care still concerned about drinking the tap water, you can use the PUR filter, or the refrigerator water filter. Drinking water can also be purchased at the local grocery store.

How to use the AC »

Please have all doors and windows closed before you turn the AC on. It is a spacepak high velocity system, and it works best at higher temps >75 degrees. Unlike traditional systems it works better at these higher temperatures because it pulls out more moisture. Please leave thermostats set above 75 degrees. If you wish to use AC in bedrooms, just turn off the thermostat at the bottom of the stairs that controls the main living space and vice versa. You can also always use fans, doors, and screens. Electrical pricing is 50% percent more expensive in the Bahamas due to fuel and infrastructure costs. We would greatly appreciate if you could turn off the AC whenever possible to promote sustainability and conservation of electricity. Open only one french door at a time, otherwise moisture can cause the doors to fail. Conch door stoppers are available at every door. All doors and windows are equipped with no-see-em screening. Fans are energy efficient and can be adjusted to your liking.

Electrical Outage »

If there is an electrical outage and the generator has not automatically engaged try to contact The property manager by whatever means you may have at your disposal. Furthermore turn off the AC during the outage to prevent undue harm to any other electrical appliances.

How do I connect to the internet? »

There are several wireless routers spaced thourghout New Heights. Many are unsecured however the Netgear39 Network is secured. Its password is pinkink896.

Why am I not getting hot water right away? »

New Heights uses a on demand hot water heater. Make sure the knob is on hot and that you have given sufficient time for the water heater to engage.

Laundry? »

You can use Irina for all laundry and it is suggested that you do so. Please be sure to remove sand from all clothing and towels. It cloggs vents and reduces the lifespan of the machines. Also make sure that all towels are fully dried to ensure that mildew doesn't form.

Where are the loggia lights located? »

In the second story hallway next to the door. In general please be observant of turning off all of the lights while not in use to conserve electricity.

How do I make the garbage disposal work? »

Make sure the safety is fully clicked into the sink drain. After the safety is locked and engaged, you can press the small silver button on the counter top.

How does the stove work? »

The stove works well, but it can get windy in New Heights. Make sure that the flames are still going and that the wind hasn't blown anything out.

If I am a frequent guest, can I leave my fishing gear, liquor, or dive gear at New Heights? »

Please label it with your names, secure all liquor in a box with your name on it, and give your items for you in a locked area until your next visit. There are no charges for this service!

Where are the pool lights located? »

Next to the patio door in the kitchen by the Grill.

Appliances and Media

Although New Heights is a great way to disconnect from your normal life, there are a number of ways to stay connected. New Heights is with fast Wi-Fi and a wealth of technological implements that are sure to suit any preferences. As a guest, you will have the option of using Apple TV, Samsung and Vizio Smart TV’s, Google Chromecast, the Amazon Firestick, or the X-Box 360. All of the devices have been connected to Wi-Fi, and have access to Netflix and other streaming accounts.

Should you need assistance in connecting to any of our devices, a list of manuals for the various devices has been linked below:

Multiple streaming and app options are provided through each streaming service. Due to content licensing restrictions, not all apps that you use in the United States or other countries will work in the Bahamas. That being said many services will still work and any programs that you have downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer through iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store, or many other sources will work in the Bahamas. For this reason we recommend that you download or carry your entertainment with you prior to leaving your home to ensure that it works here.

As for a few suggestions from people who have spent extended amounts of time at New Heights. To view the stocks, we recommend the Bloomberg app on Apple TV. For news we recommend HuffPost Live or BBC Live on the Samsung Smart TV. Should you like to play your own content you have your choice of AirPlay on Apple TV, Google Cast on Chromecast, and our provided HDMI Cable. To watch DVDs we recommend using the Xbox 360.

New heights is equipped with many top of the line appliances. We expect these to be in perfect working order for many years to come, however, if you need any assistance in using them we have provided a list of manuals below for the various home appliances. Should anything go wrong, please contact the property manager for assistance and they will be available shortly to help.

Contact information:

We appreciate every rental, and understand that normal wear and tear is part of living in any home, rental or not. This being said, as property owners, we reserve all the rights contained in the rental contracts that are signed before any occupancy. Should you be interested in viewing sample rental agreements and booking confirmations view the links below.

These contracts will be shown to you before your rental on HomeAway and are set in place to ensure the highest levels of comfort and quality for both current and future guests.