Despite its remote location and pristine, untouched beauty, the island of Guana Cay is quickly accessable from the Gulf Coast and offers a full set of modern convinces. Below, many useful resources are linked to help you get acquainted to with the island and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

The Marsh Harbour airport is just minutes away from Guana and New Heights. Although all taxis in Marsh Harbour are reliable, from our experience, Joe and Susan Knowles are the best. They are incredibly nice people, offer amazing service, and have the cleanest vans.

  • Home: 242-367-3127
  • Joe's cell: 242-359-6270
  • Susan's cell: 242-475-6047.

There are a variety of bar and restaurant options on the island. Located on the ocean side of Guana, Nippers is the perfect place to enjoy a beverage or dinner after spending time on the water. It is one of the islands most renowned watering holes and also offers sit-down dining. Additionally, the restaurant Grabbers offers a seaside bar and outdoor dining area complete with ocean views and a conch bar. Orchid Bay Restaurant and Marina also offer indoor and outdoor dining as well.

Just minutes from the New Heights residence is some of the best sport fishing in the Bahamas. Whether you are by yourself or hire one of the many guides on Guana to take you out, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Some of the professional guides on the island are listed below:

We recommend that you download the Island Compass, which provides offline maps for the Abacos. For more information about tides and weather conditions, check out WindFinder.

Getting to Guana is much easier than it may appear. There are many travel options in terms of airfare and several daily ferries. Perhaps the most renowned ferry service is Albury’s. Albury’s is known for its timely departures and high-level of accommodation. Keep in mind that the last ferry to Guana from Marsh Harbour is at 5:45pm (times are subject to change based on seasons). In turn, you need to make sure that you plan your flight accordingly. If you do arrive late you can always arrange for a chartered ferry through Albury’s.